The Xtorm Solar Titan Laptop Charger is an universal laptop charger to charge your laptop, netbook and smartphone on the go! Now you can recharge your laptop or iPad/usb device using solar energy. The powerful 2.5W solar panel charges the 13.200mAH internal battery. A power adapter is also included. Ideal for business, vacation, car or school! You can charge anywhere your laptop, netbook and / or iPad charge. Not only your laptop can be charged, but also your cell phone or tablet by the 2 USB ports. When the internal battery of the Titan Solar Laptop Charger is charged, you can work 2-5 hours longer with your laptop before the solar laptop charger needs to be recharged again. The Titan Solar Laptop Charger can charge the following laptops brands f.e.: Asus, HP, Acer, Dell, IBM, NEC, Toshiba and Sony. This charger is also compatible with Macbook and iBook, it requires an Apple Magsafe Airline Adapter. Connectors for various brands as standard. You can charge 2 mobile devices simultaneously. It is not a problem to charge your laptop and cell phone at the same time. The Titan laptop charger can charge laptops at 16V /19V/ and 21V and USB 5V. It has an LCD status display on top.

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