The Xtorm Power bank 11.000 is an portable back-up battery and is equipped with an 11.000mAh li-ion battery. This super powerful accessory lets you charge two mobile devices simultaneously! So you can charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time. It comes with two USB ports. (1x 1Amps and 1x 2.1Amps) The Power Bank 11.000 can be charged by USB or AC with the included AC adapter. But the Power Bank 11.000 can also be connected to one of the Xtorm Solar bags, such as the Nova Backpack or City Bag, so the Power Bank is charged by solar energy! Also a set of connectors is included with the Power Bank 11.000 with which you also can charge other brands of mobile devices. To make this handy backup battery fully complete, there is also a protective pouch, charging cable and AC adapter included. Ideal for business trips, holidays or everyday use. When the Power Bank 11.000 is fully charged you can charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time. With this convenient power backup you will never run out of power for your mobile devices!

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