Su-Kam Grid Tie Solar Inverter is designed to convert solar electric (photovoltaic) power into utility-grade electricity that can be utilized by the home or sold to the local power company. Advanced state of the art electronics embedded inside the inverter ensures that maximum PV power is converted to AC and delivered to the Utility grid. These inverters are configured to feed into the LT(low voltage) utility network and have inbuilt safety anti islanding feature to ensure that the inverter switches off when grid absent. In order to operate, the Solar Grid Tie Inverter must have grid power available and connected. A wide input voltage range gives the flexibility to the designer to use a large range of PV modules.
Working Principle
Installing the Grid Tie Solar Inverter consists mounting it to the wall and connecting the DC input to a PV array and the AC output to the utility.
- High Total Efficiency – High reliability and efficiency with low auxiliary consumption for rapid return on investment. MPP efficiency >99.9%; Maximum efficiency >97.5%
- PV compatibility – Su-Kam Grid Tie Inverter is designed to take advantage of solar modules configured as high voltage PV string arrays – with an input voltage Maximum Power Point Range of 150 to 550 Vdc.
- Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – Su-Kam Grid Tie Inverters use Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) to harvest the maximum amount of energy from the solar array. Provide single and double MPP trackers for different application demands.
- Expandable – Multiple grid tie inverters may be networked together for increased net metering capacity or future system growth. Parallel up to 50 units via RS485 port.
- Advanced grid support functionality – Extensive grid code compatibility and adjustability.
- Proven technology platform – High reliability and long operating life for secured return on investment.
- Compact state of the art design – Transformer-less design. Low space requirement, with fast and easy installation and serviceability for reduced overall cost.
- Life cycle service & support – Rapid support anywhere through Su-Kam’s extensive service network.
- Robust enclosure, with IP65 rating – Suitable for outdoor installation
Communication Interface & Monitoring Software
- Versatile communication interface – Standard RS485, RS232
- Monitoring Software – Provides operational status and electricity generated data
Liquid Crystal display (LCD) providing easy-to-read system status and daily cumulative energy production information
- Anti-islanding
- DC reverse polarity protection
- All-pole fault current monitoring unit
- Ground fault monitoring
- Environmental Protection – IP65 AC Short-circuit Protection
- Educational institutes
- Small & Medium commercial
- Hotels
- Residential
- Hospitals
EMC standard – EN61000-6-1, EM61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-4, EN55022, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-12, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-11
Safety – VDE0126-1-1, VDE AR N4105, EN50178, IEC62109, DK5940/ENEL
Type CodeSRS-1K
Input (DC) Parameters 
Maximum DC Input power1800W
Maximum DC input voltage500Vdc
MPPT operating voltage range150V - 450V
Maximum input current (per MPP tracker)11A
Number of input1
Output (AC) Parameters 
Maximum AC output power1650W
Rated AC output power1500W
Output voltage range184 to 264 V
Maximum output current11 A
Rated output voltage220/230/240 Vac
Rated output current6.8 A
Output frequency range50/60 Hz (±5Hz)
Power factor1
Current Harmonic Distortion (THDi)<3%
AC connectionSingle Phase
Islanding protection detentionActive & Passive
Isolation PrincipleNo galvanic isolation, transformerless
MPPT efficiency99.90%
Power Consumption 
Standby consumption<5W
Night consumption<0.2W
Environmenttal limits 
Degree of protectionIP 65
Ambient temperature rangenegative 20 to positive 60 Celcius
Relative humidity, not condensing0 to 95 %
Maximum altitude (above sea level)≤ 2000m
VentilationNatural cooling
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)4-line character display
Communication interfaceRS232/RS485/WLAN & Ethernet (selectable)
Remote MonitoringThrough plug-in GPRS module and viewable remotely through web portal
Ground Fault monitoringYes
Grid monitoring with anti-islandingYes
all-pole fault current monitoring unitYes
Product Complinace 
Quality AssuranceISO 9001 certified
EMC standardEMC standard – EN61000-6-1, EM61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-4, EN55022, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-12, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-11
SafetyVDE0126-1-1, VDE AR N4105, EN50178, IEC62109, DK5940/ENEL, Guideline 2011/CEI0-21, G83/59/EEG2012, AS3100/4777 etc.
In the boxSRS-1K, User Manual
Solar Inverter TypeGrid Tie Inverter
Charge Controller TypeMPPT
Model No.SLR-ST-IN-00000-01500

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