Light up the lawn with these solar garden lamps from Solar Universe. The LED lamps in these will shed a bright light over your lawn and garden area and will provide a warm ambience around your home at night.
Rechargeable battery
These lamps have inbuilt AA rechargeable batteries that get charged by the solar panels built into the top of the lamps. These panels ensure that you can decorate your lawn without worrying about increasing electricity bills.
Anchor extension and stands
The lamps come with anchor extensions or stands that will help you set them up easily around the garden without having to dig up holes that will ruin the look of your garden.
The lamps wills switch on automatically after sunset and will switch off after sunrise.
You don’t have to remove these lamps during the rainy season because they are weatherproof and will withstand such all climatic conditions.

1 Review

I have used these lights for the pathway in our garden. Must say very good product sold at reasonable prices by you.
Jan 21, 2016 6:31:40 PM

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