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Air purifier with professional filtration system. The healthy air protect lock assures of healthy air always. Breathe healthy air with Philips stylish air purifier. Its professional filtration system filters out bacteria, allergens and harmful agents.
Healthy Air with professional filtration system
The professional filtration system cleans air of harmful agents in 4 stages: In stage 1,the antibacterial pre-filter catches big particles like hair and dust. In stage 2, the HEPA and multi-care filter combination removes ultrafine particles larger than 20nm including some viruses*. In stage 3, the activated carbon filter effectively removes odors and harmful gases. In stage 4, the HEPA filter with its antibacterial coating filters out fine dust and eliminates germs and mould.
Boost power function cleans air quickly at high speed
When in Boost Power mode, the high fan speed quickly purifies the air.
Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter
Healthy air protect alert warns you timely when you have to replace a new filter. When the filter is not replaced in time, the appliance stops functioning to avoid running with no effect since filter is full.
Healthy air protect lock ensures healthy air always
Healthy air protect lock function ensures you healthy air always. It shuts off the purifier when healthy air can no longer be guaranteed. When one of the filters is almost full and has to be cleaned or replaced, the Healthy air protect alert warns you to replace or clean filter. When users do not replace concerned filter, the appliance stops operating and the appliance is locked.
Fully automatic operation ensures hassle-free functioning
Fully automatic operation ensures hassle-free functioning. The built-in sensor (particle) measures the air quality in the room and automatically selects the appropriate speed setting to guarantee the best possible air quality in your rooms. The multiple color indicator informs you on the actual air quality, and will be red, deep purple and purple if the air quality is not yet good enough, and blue when the air is clean and healthy again.
Smart Night mode lowers activity level during the night
In Auto mode, the appliance automatically switches to Night mode when the room becomes dark. Under the Night mode, the appliance switches to lower activity level, the lights go out (except Power On/Off light) , the fan speed and noise level are reduced and the energy consumption is minimised. If the room becomes bright again for 5 minutes or longer, the appliance resumes normal operation. In Night mode, the auto control is still active. If the air is clean, the appliance stops running. If the air quality deteriorates, the appliance is activated with lower activity and lights still out.
4-step light indicators clearly show air quality level
4-step light indicators clearly show air quality level: Blue - Very Good; Deep Purple - Good; Purple - Fair; Red - Bad .
5-step fan speed allows you to adjust speed level you want ( fan speed indicators on control panel)
Model NoAC 4072
Area Covered (sq. ft.)592
Power Consumption (Max)47 W
Clean Area Delivery Rate320 m3/h
No. of Filters4
HEPA FilterYes
Effective Filtration size0.02 microns
Max Noise Level (db)62

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