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5656cbeb9019d01c77ca9cb6 LV Solar Water Heater LVS-250 https://cdn1.storehippo.com/s/558af8a2172306fc0b2140a6/ms.products/5656cbeb9019d01c77ca9cb6/images/5668193dda5f49b945309df6/56681a5056eb222a1480ca07/56681a5056eb222a1480ca07.jpg Evacuated tube collector (ETC) based Solar Water Heater provide unlimited hot water for daily household needs of medium to large families.
  • Capacity : 250 LPD ideal for 7 persons(Various models  from 100 LPD to 500 LPD)
  • Storage tank: Stainless Steel of 316 L  grade
  • Water temperature:  60°C  to 90°C( depends on radiation and weather)
  • PUF insulation retains water temperature for long
  • Fast heating, highly efficient, easy to replace tubes
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to Evacuated tube collector (ETC) based Solar Water Heater
  • Good for health, safe for environment
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Evacuated tube collector (ETC) based Solar Water Heater provide unlimited hot water for daily household needs of medium to large families.
  • Capacity : 250 LPD ideal for 7 persons(Various models  from 100 LPD to 500 LPD)
  • Storage tank: Stainless Steel of 316 L  grade
  • Water temperature:  60°C  to 90°C( depends on radiation and weather)
  • PUF insulation retains water temperature for long
  • Fast heating, highly efficient, easy to replace tubes
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to Evacuated tube collector (ETC) based Solar Water Heater
  • Good for health, safe for environment
Capacity in Liters250
Ideal for7
Diameter of the Tube58
Length of the Tube1800
Tubes Quantity24
Total Weight128kg
System temperature output60 degree C to 85 degree C.
Type. of Glass tubesDouble Layard Borosilicate Glass Tube Length-1800 mm , Dia-58 mm , Absorptive -> 92,Emissivity< 0.065, Glass OD = 58mm,Glass ID = 47 mm, Thickness=1.6mm ,
Significance of Three LayersMetal Insulation Layer ( Copper ) to reduce heat loss and low emission rate ,Absorption layer(Cu-SS-AlN Enameled Mirror ) for Anti-Corrosion & Ant oxidation, Anti-Reflection high absorption rateLayer (Cu-SS-ALN ) to ensure and low emission rate by reducing reflection
Hot Water Storage TankSteel tank with special coating, with both side access door , insulated with 100mm Rockwool insulation. Outer cladding is of GI pre-coated steel for superior aesthetics Capacity : 2000LPD, 2000LPD,1000LPD
Overnight temperature dropLess than 3 degree centigrade over a period of 48 hours With ambient of 25 degree centigrade.
Min Area required for installationN-S=7FT , E-W=6FT of shadow free area
No. of Tube65 nos of tube in 500 LPD

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • 1)
    How many hours are needed to heat the water?
    Approximately 6-7 hours of solar radiation is sufficient for heating water up to 60°C.

  • 2)
    What are the government incentives you mentioned previously?
    There are many government incentives for solar installations. You can avail soft loans at low interest rates, get tax benefits and subsidies which are variable depending on the state you live in.There is no sales tax, Excise duty or Octroi applicable on solar products.

  • 3)
    How much money is spent for maintenance of solar water heating system?
    As we mentioned earlier there is little or no maintenance required. Periodic cleaning of glass and checking for leakage and valve functioning ensures you keep getting hot water without fail.

  • 4)
    Solar water heaters do provide hot water for 300-325 days/ year. How to get hot water for remaining days?
    If you need hot water throughout the year, at little additional cost, your solar water heater system can be fitted with backup system which operates by electricity.

  • 5)
    What type of pipelines should be used ?
    We suggest, class "B” Galvanized steel pipes for cold water line. For Hot Water Lines, use "B" class Galvanized pipes (precast PUF insulated HDPE Pipe).

  • 6)
    Can it work well with any type of water like, hard water, bore well water etc.?
    Modern solar heaters work with any type of water however soft and potable water is the best for the system. Hard water can be used easily by installing special heat exchanger and softeners.
    Will a solar water heater provide hot water through various seasons of the year?
    YES, solar water heater guarantees hot water through each season of the year. However the system would be most efficient on bright sunny days and would be moderately efficient on cloudy days.
    Can we install it at locations other than rooftops?
    Yes, apart from rooftops solar water heaters can also be installed on terrace or open ground. Just ensure that there is no shadow falling on the collectors and the orientation is south facing. You also need an overhead tank above solar water heater system.
    What is the maximum possible temperature to which the water gets heated using a solar water heater ?
    Water gets heated between 60º C to 80º C. The temperature might vary based on the weather conditions, solar radiation and the number of solar collectors in any given system.
    What are the things I should take care of when planning to install a solar water heater?
    Before installing a solar water heater check the following: Check the location and space availability of installing a solar water heater Do a basic cost benefit analysis for installing a solar water heater Determine your LPD hot water requirement based on family size and usage Compare various solar water heater brands/systems and choose one which suits your requirement Check the local rules and regulations with regards to solar installations Work out the actual cost after subsidy and other benefits offered by the government in your locality.
    What are the advantages of installing a solar water heater?
    Solar water heaters go a long way in simplifying your life and saving money and electricity. With a solar water heater installed a family can get limitless supply of hot water throughout the day. Solar water heaters reduce your dependency on electricity for heating the water and also save lots of money by cutting on the electricity bills. On top of this you can also become the champion of clean green energy and contribute towards a greener environment by opting for solar water heaters.
    What are the basic rules to judge a good water heater?
    The efficiency of solar water heater depends on its collector area and material used in their making. 1 meter square of collector made of good material can heat up to 50liters of water on a bright sunny winter day in northern parts of India. A standard water heater usually has 2sq.m of area and can heat almost 100 LPD. Also ensure that the absorbers have good quality coating and have BIS approval.
    What is FTC ?
    FTC stands for Fixed Temperature Control.For larger LPD hot water requirement,additional force is needed to push the hot water collected in the solar collector. The FTC control monitors the temperature at the outlet of the collector. If the thermal difference is more than the SET temperature the pump gets switched ON. If the temperature falls below the SET temperature, the pump gets switched OFF automatically.
    What is LPD? Why do solar water heating systems carry this term?
    LPD stands for Liters per Day, which specifies the daily capacity of a solar water heating system. The solar water heater capacity cannot be defined in hourly terms as the solar radiation keeps varying throughout the day.
    Is it true that ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector) Technology is better than the FPC(Flat Plate Collector) Technology?
    The ETC technology is relatively new and hence more advance when compared to the FPC technology. However, FPC technology is cheaper and offers significant cost savings. Recent years have seen lots of advancement in solar technology and ETC is also becoming cheaper
    We have a large house with usage points on different floors in a scattered manner. How would you plan the solar water heater for us so it minimizes wastage of hot water in pipeline?
    If you have a large house and the usage points are scattered we suggest having smaller water heaters of various capacity installed at places nearest to the usage point. This would minimize piping cost and also reduce wastage of hot water in pipeline.
    Will I need additional geysers after installing solar water heater?
    Solar water heating system has built in system for conventional electricity back up. This means you do not need additional geysers after installing a solar set up.
    What if the tube breaks? Can it be replaced by a regular plumber or me?
    Please inform the installation company as soon as you notice a broken tube. We recommend to get it replaced by an expert team instead of a general plumber. To stop water leakage from broken tube, please shut the inlet and outlet valves and inform the installation company so they can repair it asap.
    The standard sizes available are in multiples of 100. Can you make customized tanks also, say of 550 litres?
    We stock tanks in capacity of hundred and its multiples as it suits the requirements of all types of households ranging from small to big families. However if you have special requirements please feel free to contact our team at +91-80102-95295 and we would try to find a solution for you.
    Are the glass tubes robust enough to withstand strong winds or hail stones?
    Solar equipment undergoes severe stress tests and can withstand adverse weather easily. The glass used in these tubes is of very strong quality (boro-silicate glass) and can resist hail stones up to 1 inch in diameter. They can also withstand winds of 80 miles/ hour speed.
    What type of maintenance is needed in the long run?
    As mentioned earlier solar water heaters need minimal maintenance. ETC based solar water heaters require no additional maintenance apart from the panels being cleaned routinely. For collector tubes, we suggest annual cleaning to remove scaling and deposited sediments. This increases the system’s efficiency. AMC options are also available whereby you can opt for maintenance services on a prepaid basis at the time of installation.
    How does use of solar water heater help the environment?
    A solar water heater helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of any family. For e.g.; if you install a 100 litre system, for your family of 3-4 members, it would reduce the total carbon emissions by 0.4 to 1.0 tonnes of carbon dioxide / year. This small step taken today would definitely go a long way in saving our environment for generations to come.
    I do not want to make major changes to my existing plumbing system. Can we integrate solar water heater in the current plumbing without breakage and damaging the aesthetics of my home?
    Solar water systems are very easy to install and can be integrated with any kind of existing plumbing systems without breakage. Our installation team works to make a detailed plan for any location and installs the tank nearest to the usage point to avoid long pipes. Having shorter pipes helps in retaining the the aesthetic value and water temperature as there is minimal loss in transit.
    Is the solar water heater suitable for modern bath fittings like, high pressure bath fittings, showers, body jets, Jacuzzis etc.?
    SolarHippo has a range of pressurized water heating systems that are perfect for all types of modern bath fittings.
    Will a solar water heater be good choice for areas having hard water?
    All modern solar water heaters have a smooth glass tube which prevents scaling. The diameter of the tubes is also large enough and hence minor scaling does not affect the efficiency of the system.
    What type of maintenance is required by solar water heaters?
    Almost all solar products, including solar water heaters are No Fuss, Minimal or Zero Maintenance equipment. Simply ensure that there is no dust on the solar panels as it forms a screen and blocks sunlight. Wiping the panels once every 5 days is all you need to do. However, you can wipe the solar panels everyday as it would certainly boost the efficiency of the system. Also ensure that the main cold water tank supplying water to the solar tank is always filled optimally. Using automatic level controller can help you achieve this easily.
    Is it very expensive?
    Compared to an electric heater, a solar water heater’s upfront price is slightly higher. But it requires ZERO electricity and the daily savings on electricity bills pays back the initial investment in 2-3 years. After this period you can have warm water year round for FREE. You may also avail subsidy and other benefits depending on your state’s policy on installation of solar panels/equipment.
    Does Solar Water heater work in cold climate and on cloudy days?
    It is a common misconception that solar water heaters might not work on a cloudy, foggy or cold day. Solar panels do work best when it’s is bright and sunny but even on cloudy and foggy days the solar panels are able to convert solar radiation into solar power which warms the water. Performance of a solar water heater depends on 2 factors: a) how cold the water is b) how much solar energy is available on the given day Solar water heaters need a conventional electric based backup system only during prolonged stretch of rainy days.