Protect your family members from breathing-in polluted air by bringing home Kent Aura Air Purifier. It is equipped with HEPA pure technology that removes particulate matter from the air with high efficiency. This air purifier incorporates HEPA filter with antibacterial coating. It removes odour, harmful gases, dust particles and sand particles from the air. This air purifier has user-friendly design and filter change indicator. It is suitable for a room up to 270 sq. ft. Buy this Kent air purifier from Snapdeal and avail 1 year manufacturer warranty.
Removes Particulate Matter from Air
Kent Aura Air Purifier makes your indoors free of pollutants. Its HEPA technology removes particulate matter from the air resulting in clean and fresh air. Now, your surroundings can be secured and your family can be protected against polluted air. This purifier is essential especially if there is any heart patient, asthma patient, pregnant lady or children at home.
Four Stage Purification Process
This air purifier from Kent effectively removes 99.97% of particles, less than 0.3 microns in diameter through an intense four stage purification process.

Large particulate matter gets filtered during the first stage of purification.  Kent Aura Air Purifier acts as a line of defence that traps the particles such as dust particles, cob webs, sand particles, debris and human/pet hair.
This air purifier incorporates a honeycomb structure filled with specially treated carbon that has high grade absorptive value. It absorbs pollutants such as VOC, gases like oxides of Nitrogen, oxides of sulphide, hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde and hydrocarbons. At this stage, the purifier also arrests foul smell present in the air.
Developed using the Japanese technology, the anti-bacterial coated HEPA filter absorbs suspended particulate matter (SPM) from the air with 99% efficiency. It also traps indoor carcinogens particles like pollen, allergens, fine dust and cigarette smoke. 
The ionizers disperse electrically charged ions which attach to particles in the air. These ions force the particles to stick to the walls of the room or trap them near the electrically-charges induction plate near the ionizing unit. Thus, you are able to breathe clean and fresh air. Moreover, electrically-charged ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that relive stress and boost your daytime energy. 
Filter Change Indicator
This air purifier comes with a filter change indicator. It lets you to change the filter on time so that you can breathe fresh air at all times. It is suitable for a room area of up to 270 sq. ft.
Low Noise Operation
Kent Aura provides low noise operation. It is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. This air purifier is completely safe and helps in maintaining the health of your family by preventing any kind of air-borne diseases.
Child Lock Feature
It is enabled with child lock feature. You can select the optimum settings and put a child lock on it so that children in the house could not tamper with the working of the purifier.
HEPA Filter Yes
PM 2.5 Filtration (%) 99.99
Bacteria Filtration (%) 99.99
Effective Filtration Size (microns) 0.3
Replacement Filter Information Filter change Indicator
Filter Lifetime (hours) 2000
Dimensions in mm (LxBxH) 350 x 180 x 482
brand Kent

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