Going solar has never been easier! FlinKits are complete solar solutions designed by our solar experts specially for your homes. FlinKit comes with our advanced FlinSlim Solar Hybrid Inverters accompanied by high output 250W solar panels. 

FlinSlim inverters are different from the traditional solar inverters available in the market. Traditional solar inverters use solar power to charge the batteries and then the batteries power the house load. FlinSlim inverters are one of the few solar inverters which can power the house load directly from solar power without using the battery power or grid power. This mechanism helps in greatly increasing the efficiency of the solution and reducing costs.

With this FlinKit, you get 3kW of solar panels,
FlinSlim PWM 5kVA-48V - Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter, all required wiring & accessories. It can easily power a house load of 5kVA all at once. With our Easy-to Install system and step by step guide, your solar solution will be up and running in no time. It will make your life better & greener. 
FlinKit 3000W 5kVA-48V PWM
FlinSlim PWM 5kVA-48V - Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter
12 x MNRE Approved 250W 60cell Solar Panels
MCBs for AC input/output and Solar
Combiner Box, MC4 Connectors, MC4-Y connectors
Solar Cable:6sqmm, 60mt (for complete installation)

As an example here is what a usual house load FlinKit 3000 can run on solar power:  
4 x CFL Bulbs
4 x Tubelights
3 x Fans
1 x Television
1 x Refrigerator
1 x Half HP Water Pump
2 x Laptops
1 x Music System
1 x Kitchen Mixer or 1 x Washing Machine (one at a time)


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