FlinInfini is an On-Grid Solar Inverter with battery backup option. Net metering may not be available in your state today, but it will be definitely available in the near future. You may be facing power cuts today, but there may not be any power failures after 5 years. FlinInfini solves these issues for you.

With a typical on-grid solar inverter, you cannot use batteries. FlinInfini gives you the option of connecting batteries and thus giving you power even during power cuts. FlinInfini also gives you the choice of enabling or disabling the option of selling back to the grid.  Enable the net metering option when it comes to your state if it’s not there already there.

Battery Storage Option

In spite of being a grid-tie solar inverter, FlinInfini still has the ability to provide power even during power cuts. FlinInfini comes with the option of connecting batteries with the system, thus storing solar power in the batteries that can be used during power cuts. FlinInfini - Your 24*7*365 power solution!

Earn & Save Money

Selling Back to Utility: If your utility company and state regulations allows you to sell excess power back to the grid, then FlinInfini is your perfect choice. FlinInfini comes with the provision of enabling or disabling net metering. Have excess power generated, sell it back to the utility and save/make money. 

Load Sharing: FlinInfini with its intelligent features makes sure that the load is powered in a balanced way. In case of unavailability of complete solar power for the load, it draws only that much power from the grid which it is unable to procure from solar. Sharing the load helps in saving money as it does not use grid power completely to power the entire load.


No More Power Cuts!

During power cuts, FlinInfini automatically operates like an off-grid solar inverter. It continuously  powers load directly using solar power and/or batteries. Solar power simultaneously charges the batteries during this time.
FlinInfini is a perfect grid-tie, off-grid, hybrid solar solution for today & tomorrow!  

Size3 Kw
brandFlin Energy

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