The d.light S20 is designed as a replacement for the kerosene lantern for a rural off-grid household. Its familiar lantern-like shape makes it easy for our customers to use and eliminates the need to purchase kerosene for light. The S20’s unique conical shape reflects light into every corner of a room. Whether lighting up your home or providing light when walking at night, the S20 provides an affordable, portable lighting solution. A bright LED solar lamp with dual lighting settings provides four hours of light on the higher setting and eight hours of light on the lower setting. The rugged, durable design protects your product, even if it falls, drops, or is left out in light rain. It is designed to be extremely user-friendly and flexible. It has a detachable handle and includes an integrated solar panel that makes recharging simple and easy.Brighten up your home with the d.light S20. 

In the boxDetachable Handle, Solar Panel Integrated Lamp
Model NoS20
Warranty2 Years*
FeaturesRecharge via Solar, Water Resistant
Backup Time2-5 Hours

3 Reviews

Very bright, one light is enough to study, read, cook when there is a power cut. Charging also very comfortable. One should buy.
Jul 27, 2015 1:48:24 PM

Had bought this product as a part of combo. this is really good and i was amazed to know solar products are so efficient and easy to handle & operate. more awareness should be spread about solar products.
Jul 24, 2015 10:51:55 AM

Nice product.Just started using it.It can light a room.
Jul 18, 2015 6:22:43 PM

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