This d. light combo has two best selling high quality products. The d. light S20 lantern has unique conical shape which reflects light into every corner of a room. Whether lighting up your home or providing light when walking at night, the S20 provides an affordable,portable lighting solution. A bright LED solar lamp with dual lighting settings providesfour hours of light on the higher setting and eight hours of light on the lower setting.

The d.light S2 study light is designed as an ultra-affordable study lantern for young people with big dreams. By upgrading from a kerosene lamp to the d.light S2, students can double their study time which has a direct impact on grades and performance in school. The d.light S2 is adding hours of light to millions of lives.Their rugged, durable design protects your product, even if it falls, drops, or is left out in light rain. They are designed to be extremely user-friendly and flexible. Brighten up your home with the d.lightproducts.
Warranty2 years
FeaturesRecharge via solar
Back-up Time2-5 hours

2 Reviews

Very useful combo. The dlight s2 helps me for indoor activities and dlight s20 helps me in outdoor. in evening.
Jul 28, 2015 1:35:06 PM

Both of the products are really good. actually I wanted only one but the deal was good so I bought both of them. Completely satisfied with the solar lantern and solar study lamp.
Jul 24, 2015 10:43:47 AM

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