The d.light S2 is the world’s best selling high-quality solar LED lantern. This easy-to-use solar powered light provides over four hours of bright, clean light, an integrated solar panel, rugged design, and an estimated product lifetime of over five years. The d.light S2 is designed as an ultra-affordable study lantern for young people with big dreams. By upgrading from a kerosene lamp to the d.light S2, students can double their study time which has a direct impact on grades and performance in school. The d.light S2 is adding hours of light to millions of lives.  The product is highly effective as an emergency utility for schools restarting after earthquakes and other such disasters.
In the boxS2 Lamp With Solar Panel, Detachable Stand
Model NoS2
Warranty2 years
FeaturesRecharge via Solar, Recharge via AC Mains
Backup Time2-5 Hours

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