Air Purification System based on the principal of PCO ( photo-catalytic oxidation using UV) along with high grade HEPA & carbon filter to neutralize DUST, Pollen Allergen , Smoke , Odor , bacteria , Virus , other micro-organisms , and toxic gases. Ideal with a room size of 450 - 850 sq. feet floor area.
Area Covered Max 550 Sq Ft AREA
Air Flow 348M3/hr(at highest fan speed)
HEPA Filtration 0.3 micron @97%, 1 micron @99.97%
Cleaning Monitor Yes
Filter Change Monitor Yes
Dimensions (mm) 343*255*610
Weight (kg) 6.8 Kg
Activate carbon Filter A unique honeycomb design containing Live Charcoal granuals, blocks Gases and odours.
Removes Cigarette Smoke / Formaldehyde / Ammonia (pet & perspiration odours) VOCs / other famful gases etc
TIO2 Photocatalytic oxidation Filter Activated by UV Light. It releases free radicals that destroy organic based pollutants.
Electrostatically charged plasma array Magnetically traps the tiniest of impurities on a washable mettalic grid, Extends life of the Activate carbon & hepa filter for up to 2 years.
Ultra Violet Light Works independently to neutralize microorganisms. Removes : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses etc.
Control Menu Crusaders XJ-3800-1 Ion-UV Indicator : During the process when negative ion are generated , the blue indicator will gradually change from bright and dim back to bright every 5 seconds.
Odour Indicator The odour indicator will grow whenever odour sensors detects odour (such as indoor smoke)
Dust and Irritant indicator The dust-and- irritant indicator will grow whenever dust or other irritants are detected.
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