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Air Purification System based on the principal of PCO ( photo-catalytic oxidation using UV) along with high grade HEPA & carbon filter to neutralize DUST, Pollen Allergen , Smoke , Odor , bacteria , Virus , other micro-organisms , and toxic gases. Ideal with a room size of 450 - 850 sq. feet floor area.
Area CoveredMax 550 Sq Ft AREA
Air Flow348M3/hr(at highest fan speed)
HEPA Filtration0.3 micron @97%, 1 micron @99.97%
Cleaning MonitorYes
Filter Change MonitorYes
Dimensions (mm)343*255*610
Weight (kg)6.8 Kg
Activate carbon FilterA unique honeycomb design containing Live Charcoal granuals, blocks Gases and odours.
RemovesCigarette Smoke / Formaldehyde / Ammonia (pet & perspiration odours) VOCs / other famful gases etc
TIO2 Photocatalytic oxidation FilterActivated by UV Light. It releases free radicals that destroy organic based pollutants.
Electrostatically charged plasma arrayMagnetically traps the tiniest of impurities on a washable mettalic grid, Extends life of the Activate carbon & hepa filter for up to 2 years.
Ultra Violet LightWorks independently to neutralize microorganisms. Removes : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses etc.
Control Menu Crusaders XJ-3800-1Ion-UV Indicator : During the process when negative ion are generated , the blue indicator will gradually change from bright and dim back to bright every 5 seconds.
Odour IndicatorThe odour indicator will grow whenever odour sensors detects odour (such as indoor smoke)
Dust and Irritant indicatorThe dust-and- irritant indicator will grow whenever dust or other irritants are detected.

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