2000W Roof-top Solar system Components-
  • Solar Panels (can be a combination of diiferent watts)
  • Inverter/ Charge Controllers 
  • Batteries 

2000W Roof-top Solar system range of solar power generators are a perfect alternative for Inverters (backup power source) and Diesel Generator set used for households and commercial applications. Solar Rooftop solar power generators have been in the field for over 10 years.


PCU/inverter also provides LED and backlit LCD indicators for charge, battery low alarm and load cut off conditions etc. PCU can be mounted on wall.



2000W Roof-top Solar system can power your home typical household load of 500W
(1*100 W computer, 1*75 W TV, , 5*10W CFLs and 4*60W Ceiling Fans) up to 20 hours.

Area Required

2000W Roof-top Solar System requires less than 14 sq. meters. area for installing PV modules.


  • Low maintenance, long-life and deep- cycle batteries
  • Switch option to select supply power (Solar/Grid priority)
  • Switch option to select battery charging (Solar/Grid priority

  • Inverter status indicators – LED and backlit LCD display
  • Power 500W load for 20 hours
  • Standard warranty of 1 year, extended warranty available
  • Proven, long-lasting modules with consistent power output for 25 years
  • In-built electrical protection for personnel and equipment
  • Automatic energy saving mode in case of no load

Watt 2000
Solar Module/Panel (Wp * qty 2000
Recommended load (W) 500 for 20 hours
PCU rating (VA) -
Battery (Ah * Qty -

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