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Light A Life

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NGO: Rural Centre for Human Interests (RUCHI)NGO: Nav Bharat Jagriti KendraNGO: Dharti FoundationNGO: BHARATH GREEN FOUNDATIONNGO: Anirban Rural Welfare SocietyNGO: Social Work & Rural Development SocietyNGO: Green LifeNGO: Azad India FoundationNGO: SamarpanNGO: SAMRITI RURAL CARE FOUNDATIONNGO: Green LifeNGO: BUDHA RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETYNGO: Center for Rural Development and PlanningNGO: ASSOCIATION FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENTNGO: Aman Gram Udyog SanghNGO: AANTEEKA

About The Campaign

In this fast paced modern era, even a few seconds of power cut turns our world upside down. Just imagine the plight of human life where everything revolves around the sun as the ONLY source of light. As the sun sets, there is practically no electricity left for daily chores. This is the dark story of almost 18,500 villages in India where electricity is still a dream too far away to be realised!

The villagers have devised their own ways to get little light by burning candles and kerosene lamps; and using cow dung as fuel for cooking. In long run this takes a toll on health of the family as these fuels fill their surroundings with harmful gasses. It's difficult for kids to study as candles and lamps do not provide sufficient light under which they can study, thus limiting their study time and severely hampering their future. The ladies have to manage their work before sunset as it gets difficult to do the household chores in such a dimly illuminated house. Even the old in the family face problems as it's difficult for them to move out freely after the sun sets as its pitch dark.

Although the government has proposed plans to illuminate every village in India but it might take a while for power to reach each and every village. Till then, we have decided to do our bit for these villagers by giving them a ray of light through solar lights powered by solar energy.

SolarHippo plans to illuminate many homes this Diwali with the launch of ‘Light a Life’ campaign. All you have to do is to donate a meagre sum of Rs 500. This amount will be used by SolarHippo to send Solar Lights to our partner NGOs in India, who will help us to deliver solar lights to villages where electricity is still a dream.  SolarHippo has taken an initiative to brighten lives of people who are still in dark, by providing them a solar lamp. You, too, can also make a difference.

Make this Diwali special; brighten up your heart as you illuminate someone's home; Donate a solar lamp with SolarHippo, Light a Life!

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