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Buy NAVAID ENERGY Products Online

Buy NAVAID ENERGY Products Online

This company was formally known as Navaid Enterprise founded by three engineers in the year of 1900-2000 having more than three decades of rich experience in the field of Designing, manufacturing, ... Show More

This company was formally known as Navaid Enterprise founded by three engineers in the year of 1900-2000 having more than three decades of rich experience in the field of Designing, manufacturing, Installation and commissioning of various aids to navigation. Mr. J.P Kapila was one of the Founder/Partner in Navaid Enterprise and has a three decade experience in the same filed.  Since than the company has been manufacturing and supplying equipments to its customer in India. Mr. E.U. Rao retired Directorate General, Dept. of Lighthouses and Lightships, Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India and Honorary life member of IALA. He is Honorary Consultant of this company. His advice is available to us as and when required. In April/2012 Mr. J. P Kapila laid the foundation for M/s Navaid Energy Pvt Ltd by registering it with Registrar of Companies. We are please to inform you that all our products are CE certfied and our organisation is an ISO9001:2008 Certfied manufacturer and exporter and Registered with NSIC and SSI.

To keep abreast with new technologies, the company has an in house R&D facilities headed by Mr. Naveen Rampal Master of Design, IIT Delhi. The company has an experienced team of engineers, production staff and specialist in installation, commissioning and maintenance of the aids to navigational equipment on-shore and offshore. The specialist team is headed by Mr. Jagat Paul Kapila. The equipments manufactured by us are tested and certified by the Dept. of Lighthouses and Lightships, Govt. of India, Principal advisor to govt. of India on Navigation. We are happy to inform that recently we have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.
NEPL is currently indulged in manufacturing the technologically superior products in four domains which are –
Navigational Aids Equipments such as Marine Buoys, Marine Lanterns etc
Solar Lighting Systems such as Solar LED Street Light, Home Light, Lantern etc
LED Lighting Systems such as LED Street Light, Lamps, Decorative Lights, Intelligent Lighting systems etc
Aviation Obstruction Lights such as LED Low intensity, Medium Intensity etc
NEPL is manufacturing & supplying high quality Marine products for the last one decade in entire nation also foraying into international market by expanding the technology driven products such as Polyethylene Marine Buoys, High Range Marine LED Lanterns and Monitoring & Control systems to monitor Buoys and beacon from Port. Due to rich experience in manufacturing Navigational Aids Equipments for past one decade NEPL has entered in Solar Lighting Systems and LED Lighting System domain as well for the past three years and received an overwhelming response from the market due to our reliable and quality based products.
NEPL being pledged to provide more Efficient Solar Lighting Systems and LED Lighting Systems is manufacturing a wide range of Solar LED Street Lights, Solar LED Home Lights, and Solar LED Lanterns. Also company has an innovative cell which is constantly working on Quality, Reliable and affordable LED Lighting Products so that masses can benefit from LED Technology and save a great amount of energy by using NEPL LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Industrial Lights, LED Lamps. NEPL also have a unique domain by the name of Intelligent LED Lighting Systems which constantly working to provide innovative LED Lighting products.
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