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Why you should buy solar lights before the exams begin!

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“Be your own light.” – Buddha

When Buddha - “the enlightened one”, preached about being one’s own light, he exhorted everyone to seek knowledge and be illuminated by the power of it. Every year,millions of students across India, burn midnight oil to seek knowledge. They   work hard to learn and master new domains in pursuit of a shining future. As soon as the exam season approaches, students and parents get all geared up to make the best of time. The regular routine for everystudent is, researching and making notes during daytime andlearning them during the relative calm of late nights or early mornings. Imagine the plight of the students who have to face prolonged power cuts when they go to study at night.In absence of a proper power back up,they have no alternative but to resort to candles or kerosene lamps which are not bright enough for reading. Studying in inadequate light is not only difficult; it is also not good for health and eyesight.

Do you identify with thissituation and have tried hard to find a solution but couldn’t? What if you came to know of alamp which glows in its own light?No, we are not talking about some sci-fi film, this is REALITY! We are discussing solar lights here, which is affordable, doesn’t need any fuel to light, is environment friendly and apart from studying can be used to do so many other things in and around the house.

These lights are basically made of 3 simple components; photovoltaic solar panel, built in battery and LED bulb. Once charged for full day in bright sunlight, these can run for 12-14 hours without break. There is also no additional cost involved in charging and maintaining these lights. Find this product interesting but need to know more before you actually plan to buy solar lights?

Let’s have a look at some top reasons why it is a must have for every home:

Long lasting, reliable power back up: Solar lamps are small size power house which provide a reliable and sufficient lighting during power cuts or otherwise. They store sun’s energy and give adequate light for hours at stretch. They come with various luminance levels which can be used depending on the type of work being done.

Affordable:  In recent years the cost of solar products has gone down considerably making solar lamps extremely affordable. You can buy solar lights for as low as Rs. 450. Many different lamps are available in range of Rs.500 to Rs.2000.

Portable and Easy to use:These lights are small and portable and can be carried along anyplace. This makes them suitable not only for studies but for carrying multiple other tasks in any household.

Easily Available: Try searching “buy online solar lights in India”, and you will be surprised to see how easily products of this category can be sourced online.  The huge benefits of these lamps have made them popular and easily available. You can order one right now by choosing an online marketplace that deals in solar products.

Variety: Online solar lights are available in many varieties. Apart from their basic functionality they come with additional features like mobile chargers, power bank etc. These additional benefits make them very useful not only for students but also for professionals.

Boon for rural areas and small towns: These lights are a boon for remote village and small towns which have limited or no access to electricity. Using solar lamps and solar lanterns can open up new horizons for millions of talented students coming from the hinterland.

Environment friendly:These lights are environment friendly and teach a practical lesson to young students who become aware about the benefits of reusable energy.

Durable and Maintenance free: Solar lights undergo stringent stress testing regime that ensures their quality and durability. These products are practically maintenance free and just need replacement of batteries as suggested by the manufacturer.

Given their multiple benefits solar lamps are a must have for every student who is gearing up for upcoming exams this season. Have you checked out online solar lights recently? If yes, do share your take on this product and leave a comment if you need additional input on any particular product of this category.


Good read and glad to know about such a good and affordable reading lamp powered by solar power.

By: Sandeep Rao
Feb 04, 2016   Reply

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Good reasons to get a solar lamp, seems god sent to me. Surely buying one before my university exams.

By: Guddu sharma
Jan 21, 2016   Reply

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Please inform about the After Sales Service features provided by you on my mobile # +91-9827006006.

Jan 18, 2016   Reply

Replies :
Dear Mr. Yogesh, Thanks for sharing your details. We will contact you soon. SolarHippo - January 20, 2016, 7:03:06 PM

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