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The dawn of solarhippo

In today’s world of modernization, we are running at a fast speed to fulfil our dreams with the aid of technology but is nature running with the similar speed? Well yes, but unfortunately the direction is opposite. We, humans are approaching towards the finish line of our precious non-renewable resources and truly there is a dead end ahead until and unless we shift our focus to some renewable source of energy. We need to take a big leap which involves both modern technology and inexhaustible energy usage. To deal with this situation in the most proficient and easy manner here comes an exclusive solar energy marketplace which sells solar products online and revolutionizes the traditional usage of conventional sources of energy.

Now a question must be popping in your mind, why SolarHippo?

Well, this initiative emphasizes on energy conservation and is in accordance with our aim to create a clean energy marketplace globally for the customers. We know India is facing a deficit energy demand. Urban India already has a high electricity usage and sky touching electric bills whereas in rural places only around half of the population uses electricity as its main source of lighting. Unfortunately only 44 % of the rural households have access to electric power supply but there is a silver lining. India being a tropical country, receives solar radiation almost throughout the year which bridges the gap as it is an inexhaustible source of energy and the best replacement for other non-renewable sources. For promoting this novel cause, SolarHippo works in a unique way by providing an e-commerce platform to one and all who want to buy and sell solar products online and serve the nature on their part by using green and clean energy products.

SolarHippo, the future is here...

SolarHippo provides a wide range of products like solar lights, solar heaters, solar power banks, solar fans, solar inverters, solar chargers, and much more. The web store envisages becoming a global marketplace for solar energy products where transactions happen instantaneously. As an icing on the cake, we work as an exclusive marketplace model where we welcome both vendors and customers and promise to provide best-in- class products and services.
The emphasis on use of green energy, sustenance of our environment and the promotion of digital India on a large scale has fuelled the need of online platform for solar products. Let's look forward to the emergence of a new era, a green earth, a bright hope.
Let’s join hands to welcome the dawn of SolarHippo and be a part of the solar revolution!

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Great to know that your store has joined the initiative for a greener environment through Solar energy.

By: Gaurav Gupta
Feb 18, 2016   Reply

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