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How to get the most out of air purifiers for home

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Growing level of air pollution in all major cities of India is increasingly making air purifiers for home, a common commodity for homes in towns and cities. Many brands have launched high end air purifying products running on latest technology that help in cleaning the air we breathe.By filtering the pollutants and allergens this product ensures that our surroundings are healthier. This is extremely helpful for people suffering from allergies and respiratory disorders like asthma. As air purifiers keep the indoor air fresh and odor free they are also good for healthy individuals.

However, to get the optimalperformance from the best air purifiers for home you should take care not only to choose the right product but also use it in the optimal way. Read further to explore some best practices that would help you in long run:

1. Choose the Correct Product : When choosing the product always go for one that uses the latest technology. Older versions using outdated technology might actually not be as effective. Do not compromise performance for price by choosing an older model. You also need to consider  the specific need, i.e.; do you need it as  a general purpose device or have specific needs like getting rid of excessive dust or for someone who suffers from allergies. Every model of air purifier has a different purpose and uses a variety of filters to do that specific task. Best air purifiers for allergies and asthma are those that have HEPA filter. Also consider the room area and accordingly buy the most suitable product to get best performance.

2. Right Placement : Air purifier should be placed at the right height to help it work effectively. Placing is higher or lower than the optimal height would adversely affect its performance. Also, the orientation of the air purifiers for home should be such that at all times the clean air flows towards the people in the room. Ensure that there is enough breathing space all around the purifier so that air circulates properly around it. Never place it up against a wall.

3. Correct Usage : First time users of air purifiers always wonder how long they should keep it running. With the latest technology most of the models consume very little electricity so running it for long hours is not going to burden you with power bills. It is advisable that even if you are using the best air purifiers for allergy you should keep them on all the time. This would ensure that the patient gets allergen free air all the time. However if you are using it just to enhance the overall air quality you can use it while sleeping or during the time when most of the family members are at home.

4. Make them work Effectively : You can increase the effectiveness of your air purifier by doing the following:

  • Keep doors and windows closed so the purified air stays in the room.
  • Extreme temperature decreases the effectiveness of purifiers. So avoid placing it in an extremely hot or cold room.
  • If you live in a humid place with dampness or mold on walls, try to get rid of these as they hamper purifier performance.Allow sunlight and natural air during certain hours in the day to get rid of humidity build up in your home.
  • Restrict pets to certain areas so that pet dander is not spread all over the house. This would be very effective in better performance of air purifier.
  • Even if you are using best air purifiers for smoke, try to refrain from smoking indoors all the time.
5. Maintenance : Over a period of time, even the best air purifiers for dust accumulate dust and other pollutants. The dirty filtersresult in gradual decrease in   performance. So these should be cleaned and maintained periodically for best performance. Washable filters should be cleaned in every 10-15 days. The HEPA and carbon filters should be replaced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

By keeping your air purifier for home in top condition you can get maximum clean and fresh air for your loved ones. If you have some expert tips to enhance the performance of purifiers, do share below.


We are thinking to install air purifiers in our office? Do you offer corporate discounts?

By: Vipin Attri
Mar 14, 2016   Reply

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I am already using an air purifier for past 3 years in my father’s room as he suffers from chronic asthma. Shall I replace it and buy a latest technology one?

By: Neelu Singh
Jan 22, 2016   Reply

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Very informative and well written. Would certainly help many first time users like me.

By: kapoor chand verma
Jan 11, 2016   Reply

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Thank you Ma'm. Glad that you liked it. SolarHippo - January 11, 2016, 7:08:51 PM

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best air purifiers for home

By: manish
Dec 31, 2015   Reply

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You can check the complete range of purifiers on https://www.solarhippo.com/browse/air-purifiers Admin - January 4, 2016, 11:35:44 PM

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