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How solar energy meant more business for hotels in kashmir

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India holds the top rank on world tourist map and Kashmir valley in one of the top tourist destinations in India. Tourists from all over the world keep flocking the picturesque destinations like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg and Khilanmarg in the valley. However, the hotels and hospitality industry in the Kashmir valley had been facing the major challenge of insufficient power supply since long. Heavy snowfall often resulted in damaged electricity poles and cables which meant power cuts lasting for 24-48 hours. It became difficult for the hoteliers to provide basic amenities like hot water, room heating, lighting and other services to their guests during such periods.

Lack of basic facilities was resulting in dwindling number of tourists during the peak snowfall seasons and translated into heavy losses for the hotel and resort owners of Kashmir. The authorities understood the need to resolve this issue on priority basis and took up the matter with ministry of non-conventional energy.  After elaborate discussions the authorities took a futuristic initiative and decided to install rooftop solar panels in the hill town of Gulmarg. This initiative has given the much needed boost to the tourism industry and has also set an example for other hotel and resort owners. It also busts the myth that solar panels cannot work in hilly, cloudy or snowfall prone areas.

Hotel and Resorts Industry in India: An Overview of Current scenario

  • A vast network of hotels and resorts across the length and breadth of India, cater to national and international guests
  • The Tourism Industry accounts for 6.8 per cent of our GDP
  • It is expected that by 2017, about 52,000 new hotel rooms would be added to the existing 17,00,000 hotel rooms in India which cover various categories (deluxe, premium, economy etc.)
  • Hospitality Industry is energy intensive and needs uninterrupted power supply to run its everyday operations
  • Hotels and resorts across India are hugely dependent on conventional energy sources to fulfill their power needs
  • There is major gap between power demand and supply in majority of Indian states
  • Still, hotels have to maintain 24-hour uninterrupted power supply to provide best services to their guests
  • For continuous power supply they have to invest hugely on installing and fueling the DG sets
  • Hospitality Industry spends billions of rupees annually on power bills as they are charged for electricity at almost double the residential rates
  • A major portion of the profits of hotels and resorts is spent just to keep the power supply stable
  • DG sets increases the carbon footprint of hospitality industry substantially.
Solar energy promises a cheap, reliable and long-lasting solution for curtailing the power bills of hotels and resorts.
Why Hotels and Resorts should adopt Solar Power Solutions?

Solar energy offers obvious benefits for hospitality industry. Hotels are ideally suited for switching to solar energy as it provides substantial savings on power costs and helps the establishment go ecofriendly. With increasing awareness about environmental causes, more tourists are going to opt for hotels that are seen as champions of a green cause.

Benefits of Going Solar
  • Cost effective and Uninterrupted Power: Going solar can cut a hotel’s power bill by 30%. Solar panels pay of their cost in 3-5 years and then keep generating free electricity for hotels for another 20-25 years. It also ensures uninterrupted power supply during power cuts.
  • Reduced dependency on DG sets: Solar installation greatly reduce the dependence on diesel generators for power backup.
  • Reduced Operations cost: Availability of cheaper solar power reduces the overall operations cost of hotels significantly. Solar installation also provides hedge against ever rising power bills.
  • Subsidy and Tax Benefits: Hotels can get substantial tax relief, subsidies and other benefits from MNRE and state government bodies when they install solar power based systems.
  • Leaders of Corporate Social Responsibility: By adopting solar power hotels can promote themselves as environment friendly. This would help them advertise and market their brand as champions of corporate social responsibility and gain a competitive edge over other players in the industry.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: the large roof area of hotels can be easily used to install large solar system. The installation process is very easy, does not require complex wiring and practically no maintenance.
  • Perfect for All Weathers: Due to yearlong availability of sunlight at any location in India a solar powered system is the perfect solution for fulfilling energy requirements of hotels. The latest solar panels work even in cloudy and rainy weather and start saving money from the very first day of installation.
  • Long Life and Easily expandable: Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 20-25 years and payoff their cost within 3-5 years. After that they generate and supply electricity for free. It is very easy to expand the solar power installation when the energy requirement for a given hotel increases over due course of time.

Best Solar Power Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts  can opt for any one of the 3 different types of solar grids used for solar set up  namely ; On GridOff Grid, and Hybrid. However, On grid setup is best suited for hospitality industry as it offers maximum advantages.

Hotels could benefit by setting up a smaller unit of 5-10 kWp system on their rooftop. Once they experience the benefits firsthand they can extend the installation to 20-25 kWp to fulfill their complete energy requirements.

Go Green with SolarHippo

Solarhippo is an initiative to bring around a shift in the approach towards use of various energy sources. We offer affordable solar products and solar service services across the length and breadth of India.

Conventional energy is soon going to be exhausted and renewable energy is yet to be tapped to the fullest potential. We aim to bridge the gap between availability and use of renewable solar energy by offering affordable solutions. We offer customized solar power solution for hotels, resorts and other units belonging to hospitality industry.

Have queries or suggestions about solar installations for hotels, homes or any other industry? Leave your phone number and questions in comments and our team would call you back with best solar solutions.

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It’s great to know about such a novel initiative taken by hotels in Kashmir. I guess hotels in other parts of India can also benefit greatly by going for solar installations.

By: Krishna Meena
Mar 29, 2016   Reply

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