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Give a facelift to your garden with garden lights solar products

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Every garden owner nurtures the dream of lighting his garden to add to its beauty. But, very often the whole idea seems difficult to implement owing to various facts like complex wiring, difficult maintenance and most important excessive electricity bill. If you are among hundreds of garden lovers who have been postponing the idea of lighting up their garden due to any of these reasons, its time you start thinking about garden lights solar products.Outdoor solar lights are answer to all your worries that have been stopping you from giving your garden a facelift. These lights are not only eco-friendly but also energy efficient and very easy to install and manage.

Let us see how solar garden lights can give a new look to your lovely garden without burning holes in your pocket :

Beautify your garden in eco-friendly way

Any garden can be given a lovely and ethereal new look by using outdoor solar lights. These lights have inbuilt solar panels and rechargeable batteries. These panels convert sun’s energy into electricity and charge the batteries. Once the batteries are charged for 8-12 hours, they can work for up to 3 nights from dusk to dawn. The performance may vary slightly depending upon the solar panel efficiency and battery capacity. Garden lights solar products are completely eco-friendly as they harness the power of sun and minimize your carbon footprint.

Cost saving on power bills and wiring

Solar outdoor garden lights save money for you from the very day they become operational. After paying the cost of the light, there is no additional cost on power bills as these lights are charged and illuminated by sun’s energy. Hence from the day one the solar lights not only illuminate your outdoors and garden but also begin paying back the cost of purchasing them. Since, there is absolutely ZERO additional cost of wiring,garden lightssolar products in Indiaare easy solutions for any size of garden.

Lots of options to choose from

You will be spoilt for choice when you start exploring solar garden lights for giving a facelift to your garden. These lights are available in lots of designs from traditional to trendy. Made in an aesthetic way these products cater to varied taste of the users. Various combinations of lights can be used for landscaping a garden. By choosing from exclusive range of online garden lights like solar path light, solar lamp post, solar motion sensor light and solar stepping stone lights, any garden can be turned into the most welcome place. Some online stores also stock really useful garden solar lights that have an inbuilt mosquito or insect repellant. Such products are very suitable for Indian climate where mosquitoes make it virtually impossible to sit in the garden at night.

Easy to install, use and maintain

Solar lights are so easy to install, use and maintain that once placed in the right spot,you can actually forget about them. These lights need no wiring.This gives you the freedom to place them in any location without being concerned about complex wiring. So, using these products you can enhance the beauty of the most difficult to access areas of your garden. All you need to ensure is that the solar panels get enough sunshine for charging and there in no shade falling directly on the solar panels. Most solar outdoor lights turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn. However, you can also use the manual switch if you wish to keep the lights off during night. Garden lights solar products are ZERO maintenance and just need occasional battery replacements as directed by the manufacturer.


Solar lights are robust and long-lasting. They go through various stress tests and are literally weather proof. So be it rain, fog or sunshine, they keep illuminating and beautifying the outdoor or garden where they are installed. Average lifespan of garden lights solar products in India is more than 10 years. So by this productyou can keep your garden beautiful for a long period.

If you have been looking for the right place to buy online garden lights, you can check the exclusive collection at SolarHippo. If you have already used solar lights for landscaping in your garden, please share your ideas and pictures with us.


I am a housewife and maintain a small garden in front of my house. Your post has me all excited and I am planning to place a coffee table and solar lights in my little garden. Loved your post.

By: Pooja Rani
Jan 27, 2016   Reply

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I run a small resort in a hill station. We have a lovely garden spread over a big area. Could you suggest what lights would suit our garden.

By: Sunil vashit
Jan 12, 2016   Reply

Replies :
Hi Mr.Sunil, you can browse our entire range of solar garden lights at http://www.solarhippo.com/browse/garden-lights We can help you with discounts for bulk purchases. Contact at +91-80102-95295 Admin - January 14, 2016, 7:55:51 PM

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