All you need to know before you buy online solar home system in india

Are you troubled by the latest reports of pollution and carbon emissions and really want to adopt renewable solar energy? Have been considering to go for solar rooftop installations but the upfront price or residential location has been a deterrent? Want to save on power bills and use the endless power of the sun but not sure how and where to begin? For many city dwellers who want to be the champions of change and opt for Green, Clean energy,solar home systems are proving to be an awesome choice to make a start.

So what is a solar home system and how useful is it for any home? What all do you need to know before opting for the most suitable solar home kit? If you have ever searched for “online solar home systems in India”, you must have come across a variety of products being offered by online stores. To make an informed decision and get best return on investment let us begin from scratch and try to have a comprehensive knowledge about solar home kits.

The Product:

Solar home kits are basically made of photovoltaic module, battery and charge controller and a choice of various electrical components like LED lights, bulbs, fans, mobile charger etc. attached to it. These are stand- alone solar power systems that provide cost effective way of powering lights and other appliances for homes. Basically, this product was developed to power homes in remote areas that do not have access to grid power. However, the obvious benefits made it popular in cities also as an alternative source to run low power consuming appliances. When you buy solar home systems, apart from getting good return on investment and saving on power bills, you also reduce your carbon footprint substantially.

How it works:

The photovoltaic solar panels in the solar home kit are placed at a location where they capture maximum sunlight and convert sun’s energy into electricity. The charge controller controls the voltage and power output and distributespower optimally. Charge controller is essential to protect batteries from overcharging which reduces battery life. It also protects appliances by regulating the power output. The battery is used to store energy which can be used at night or during periods of prolonged bad weather when the sun doesn’t shine bright enough. Decade old versions of solar home kits had individual parts which needed expert electrician for wiring the system together. However, if you buy solar home systems now, you can opt for a “plug in” type kit which doesn’t need complex wiring. The greatest advantage is all components in the system are matched and tested by the manufacturer and come with warranty.

Choosing the most suitable product

If you are planning to buy online solar home system in India, you should make a ready list of your requirements and accordingly search the most suitable solar home kit. Are you planning to buy the solar home kit to introduce clean solar energy in your home and evaluate its benefits? Is your requirement mainly of a power back up unit? Based on this you should choose from the vast range of products available online. If you fall in the former group you can go for any product and check how much effective it is for your requirements. However a backup home solar kit should give you support of at least 2-3 lights, a fan and a charging point or a point to run some other appliance.


Online solar home systems are available for as low as Rs. 2000 can go up to Rs. 20,000- 25,000, depending upon the capacity and the number of appliances being supported by the unit. They are the best thing to begin with if you really need to understand the great benefits of going solar.

If you have planned to buy online solar home systems and have additional inputs to help in deciding the right product do share in the comments below.


How to ascertain which lights would be best suited for a given solar home system one buys.

By: Rajbeer Gill
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Can I use a solar home kit as a permanent lighting solution for my kids room?

By: Deepa Verma
Jan 13, 2016   Reply

Replies :
Yes, you can use solar home kits as a permanent lighting solution. There are kits with fans as well. You can have a look at For more details feel free to contact us. SolarHippo - January 14, 2016, 7:49:11 PM

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