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9 reasons for opting for a solar power bank

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We are living in the times when technology and portable devices make the world go round. The combination of these two has simplified our lives and helped us carry business and stay connected across miles. In the technology driven, fast paced life, we all need a reliable option that helps us keep our devices charged even on the go. Imagine a case, where you are travelling and in the middle of an important call your battery is dead. It can ruin your day and put you under stress until you resume the conversation. In this scenario and for many other similar cases, solar power bank becomes a boon for everyone who needs to keep their devices running for long hours while on the go.
Power bank is a battery power storage unit which can be used to charge multiple devices. The power bank itself needs to be fully charged to store and supply power for various devices. A solar power bank is different from regular power banks as it gets its charge from sunlight and you do not need electricity supply to power it. If you are a person who has to spend lots of time away from proper charging options and rely heavily on multiple devices to carry your daily business, a power bank is an indispensible gadget for you.
Solar power bank review clearly outlines many benefits from the use of this device. Here are some of them:

1. Charging while travelling: Power bank is a reliable power source for your devices when you are travelling and do not have access to power supply for days at stretch. With a backup power store you have no worries about spending time in finding and charging your device at a power junction.

2. Portability: These devices are usually pocket sized and relatively weightless. This makes them extremely portable and easy to carry wherever you go.

3. Affordable: Usually in the range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 these devices are extremely affordable. Having one with you makes you free from the worry of constantly looking for charging point for your devices.

4. Multiple charging points: Usually solar chargeable power banks have multiple sockets which enables a user to charge more than one device at the same time. Hence, the solar power bank for mobile can also be used to charge your iPod, laptop or tablet.

5. Charges any brand: These multi utility devices work well with any brand of products. So you can charge your various devices of different brand or make using the same power bank.

6. Robust and maintenance free: These devices are robust and  maintenance free, which gives them a longer life span that regular power banks. All you need to ensure is that they keep getting enough sunlight to store power for charging your devices when needed.

7. Low self-energy consumption: Solar power bank is designed in a way that there is minimal energy loss when they are not in use. This helps the device retain charge for longer duration as compared to regular devices.

8. Other features apart from charging: Usually solar power backup devices have additional features like a solar light or a solar torch attached to them. This makes it an extremely useful power back up option which doubles up a source of light when needed. Some high end models even have sirens or alarms which can be used in emergency scenario while travelling in relatively new or uninhabited areas.

9. Environment friendly: Any solar product is extremely environment friendly and so is this power bank. In small measures, it saves our limited conventional energy resources and helps in reducing carbon footprint. Using a solar power bank for laptop or any other device gives you the image of being a tech savvy and futuristic person.

A solar chargeable power bank is an invaluable addition to your list of modern devices. If you do not have one yet it is time you invested in one of these. With so many affordable option available online, you can definitely find a suitable solar power bank for charging your devices.


I don’t have a travelling job but commute long distances using public transport. I would definitely buy a solar power bank as a backup for my mobile and iPod which I use to keep myself busy while commuting.

By: Vipul Garg
Feb 15, 2016   Reply

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This is really a wonder gadget and most important it does not need electricity for being recharged. I am going to get one soon.

By: Ashu Rai
Feb 08, 2016   Reply

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