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5 factors to consider when choosing online solar panels

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Have you decided to opt for a greener way to power your home and considering installing a solar power system? Making a decision to go solar is the easy part of the whole process, choosing the right products from the right market is the real challenge. With so many factors to consider, you need a checklist that helps you zero down on the best and get maximum ROI. Once you have made up your mind to buy online solar panels your buying decision should not be influenced by the cost alone. With an average life of 25 years your solar installation is going to stay with you for long. Hence, it is important that you weigh out aspects like aesthetics, durability, support along with performance and cost.

To make things simpler let us go through a checklist that would ensure you are making an informed decision:

Cost: Cost is the most important factor when someone has decided to buy online solar panels solar products of any type. There are various factors like tax rebates, subsidies, shipping and installation costs that need to be considered to know the actual amount you are paying while shopping online. Usually online solar marketplaces promote various deals and offers that give you either shipping or installation for free. Talk with the store representative and you can know about some really good deals running at that particular time.

Performance: Check the performance of online solar panel on following parameters:

• Power rating defines the amount of DC power output of the panel under ideal circumstances. Higher power rating is considered more favorable and it is the basic parameter on which people compare various solar panels.
• Power tolerance defines how much higher or lower the actual power output of the panel would be from its nameplate rating. This is usually shown as plus minus percentage variance or a range variance. (e.g.,±5% or 0%/+5%).Go for a panel that gives narrower tolerance range. For example a 200watt panel with ±5% power tolerance would produce 190 watts to220 watts under ideal conditions. A 0%/+5% power tolerance panel would go up to 220 watts but would never produce less than 200watts.
• Efficiency is the degree to which solar radiation is converted into electricity by a solar panel. The higher the efficiency of the panel the more kWh it would produce. In simpler terms small number of highly efficient panels can produce same amount of solar electricity as large number of same sized lower efficiency panels. This is a very important factor as we have limited roof space in towns and cities.
• A solar panel’s temperature coefficientsummarizes how much of capacity loss will the panel suffers when ambient temperature is more than the coefficient. These panels need light but too much of it can actually hamper optimal output. Hence it is important to choose a panel that has less sensitive temperature coefficient.

Quality: For ascertaining the qualities of any solar panel look out for the ISO 9001 compliance of the manufacturer. Also an overall examination to ensure that there are no cracks, blemishes or chipping will ensure that your decision to buy online solar panels was a good one.

Durability: Check for theIEC 61215 and IEC 61730 stickers at the back of the panel. These ensure that your product has undergone stress test for outdoor wear and tear. If your product has passed these tests it would survive longer in the field and keep giving you better output.

Installation and Warranty: Check what are the installation services provided by the manufacturer or the online store. In many cases the manufacturer or the store provides free installation of online solar panels. Also look out for the warranty given by the manufacturer. IF they stand by their product for long it means they are sure of the quality of their product. As a customer you benefit if anything goes wrong within the stipulated time frame.

With the above checklist you can buy online SOLAR PANELS solar products that are really worth the cost and suitable for your needs.


Do you supply solar panels for commercial buildings also. Where can I get more information?

By: Ravi Shankar
Feb 03, 2016   Reply

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Please contact on my Mobile Number +91 9827006006. I want to know more about Solar Products.

Jan 18, 2016   Reply

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Dear Mr. Yogesh, Thanks for sharing your details. We will contact you soon. SolarHippo - January 20, 2016, 7:03:23 PM

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Really informative post. I had been struggling to choose the right solar panel. This has helped me review my choices in a better way.

By: Lokesh kumar
Jan 15, 2016   Reply

Replies :
Hi Mr. Lokesh, Glad that we could be of help. You can also check the range of panels here http://www.solarhippo.com/browse/solar-panels SolarHippo - January 20, 2016, 7:06:15 PM

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