3 solar accessories that make your life easier!

“I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.” – Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison, the great inventor, visionary and businessman was so right when he said the above, almost a century ago. The great advantages and potential of solar power have made solar energy extremely popular in the past few decades. Constant improvement and innovations in the technology have made solar accessible to all. You no longer need to wait to get your house fitted with solar panels to start reaping the benefits of solar energy. Latest technology has made it possible to packsun’s bounties in small packages in form of solar accessories. Wherever you go, whatever you do, these useful accessories promise to make your life easier and better.

Still not sure how to bring an extra ray of sunshine in your life? Check out how:

Solar Power Bank: Are you on the move frequently? Often face the problem of dead battery when you need your device to keep running? Photography enthusiast and often need to charge your camera while capturing the untamed beauty of nature? Already bought a regular power bankbut even that fails to work when you are unable to recharge it for days while travelling? If you are nodding while reading this you desperately need one of the best solar accessories- solar power banks. These come in various capacity and specifications and charge a variety of everyday gadgets by converting and storing sun’s energy to charge your devices. All you need to do is leave solar power bank in sunlight to get charged. Once fully charged they can charge multiple devices many times over.

Power banks are most popular online solar accessories and come with a variety of features. The price range at online shops is more competitive that brick and mortar outlets and you can own a solar power bank starting around Rs. 1000. Depending on the efficiency and performance the prices may go up. Within the range of Rs. 3500 you can own a very good solar power bank that can charge multiple devices.

Solar Bag: Solar bags are small size power house packed in a stylish and portable way and offer numerous benefits that make your life easier. It is one of the most searched solar accessories and let’s see why? A solar bag serves dual purpose, it is a storage case plus a portable means to keep charging multiple electronic devices on the go. Just imagine how convenient it is to have a portable system that captures, converts and stores the abundant sunshine around you and allows you to power your devices with this energy. If you are under the impression that this solar bag is useful only for frequent travellers you are wrong. If you are city dweller and commute for long hours you can leave your devices connected to your bag and they would get charged at zero cost.

People who buy solar accessories often opt for solar bags as their first purchase. And why wouldn’t they when they can use this multipurpose portable system to charge and store so many electronic devices like phones, mp3 player ,laptop, Bluetooth device, or even USB-chargeable bike lights. The pricing is also budget friendly. In the range of Rs. 2000 to Rs.4000 one can get a smart and useful solar bag.

Solar Lights and Lamps: There could be no other product that matches solar lights and lamps in terms of adding value and giving immediate benefits. No wonder solar lights are the bestselling solar accessories. These lights/ lamps have an inbuilt solar panel and a rechargeable battery that stores sun’s power to illuminate your world. Solar lights offer various advantages not only to city dwellers but are also a huge hit among smaller towns and villages where power shortage is a major issue. City dwellers can use these to cut on their power bills and as a backup during power cuts. For village folks solar light is a boon that makes their lives better and easier by providing a zero maintenance, cost effective, pollution free way to light up their homes after dark.

People who buy online solar accessories often come back as repeat buyers of solar lights.The instant benefits from using these lights on regular basis have been the main reason for their popularity. Solar lights and lamps come in various shapes and designs and can be used even for decorative purpose. The prices are pocket friendly and begin at Rs.500 only.

If you are planning to buysolar accessories share your wish list with us and we would upgrade our review of solar products that make your life easier.


If we start incorporating more solar accessories in our daily life we can gradually work to have a cleaner environment.

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Nice compilation and interesting read. Has tempted me to search more solar accessories and request a review.

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Hi, We appreciate your showing interest. You can check different solar accessories at http://www.solarhippo.com/browse/solar-accessories SolarHippo - January 14, 2016, 7:40:30 PM

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