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10 myths about solar energy ( busted )

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The solar energy is most promising source of energy as it is virtually an inexhaustible supply of energy, is readily available in every corner of the world, and not the least, due to its pollution free nature. Solar products can be considered as the helping hands for harnessing the potential of the solar energy. Many countries worldwide have established their roots in this bountiful energy resource but in India, still people aren't aware enough of the benefits that they can enjoy over a period of time using various solar powered systems.
Here we shed light on top 10 myths related to solar power and hope that we can help to brighten up your life using this green and clean energy resource. Join the noble cause of going environment friendly and bid adieu to all your myths!
1. Solar panels are ineffective in cloudy areas.

Though bright light is certainly better for solar panels, solar has worked well in coolest of the places. In fact, solar panels require light and not heat to generate electricity. The fact that Germany is the world’s largest solar market is a proof that solar power can flourish in cold climates. Anyone who has ever got sun burnt even on a cloudy day can attest to the fact that clouds don’t block the sun’s energy.  Interestingly, solar panels show better performance in cold climate as the panel efficiency is higher at low temperature. Additionally, the costs for conventional electricity are usually higher in cold-climate areas, making solar power a good option even under the cloudiest skies. 

2. Residential PV systems are hard to maintain

Solar panels hardly require any maintenance because of the absence of any moving parts. It only requires mild cleaning periodically depending upon how much dust is there in your location. They come with 25 years performance warranty and about 10 years of product warranty. There is no significant loss of efficiency over the lifetime. Typically the recommendation is to hose off the panels once a year or so. Here the rain gods can come to your help; the rain can do the job for you which will cause only a very slight loss in efficiency (about 5 percent) over the lifetime of the panels.

3. Solar panels are very expensive

Prices of solar panels have come down by 60% in last 3 years. Moreover a solar system pays for itself in 4-6 years – it returns about 4-5 times of its cost in saved electricity bills in its entire lifetime. With incentives in place the cost further goes down significantly with drastic decrease in solar panel and storage costs.

4. Solar panels are unreliable because they don’t work at night

While it is true that solar panels can’t generate power in total darkness, but home solar systems frequently generate more than sufficient energy during daylight hours than required, so this way enough  energy is conserved for the night.
5. Solar panels require a tracking mechanism to follow the angle of sun

Tracking systems increase efficiency slightly but they are not generally recommended for domestic consumers. Solar panels can work remarkably well even without tracking systems. Solar panels are installed at an optimum angle which gives the most optimized yearly solar generation.

6. It will be harder to sell house with solar panels
Rather opposite. Houses with solar panels sell more quickly and at a better price. Buyers sometime specifically look for houses with solar panels. The new owner of the building will get the power almost free, so he will be more than happy to pay a higher amount for the properties with solar panels.

7. Solar panels damage my roof

Solar panels actually protect your roof from hails. In peak summers, they protect the top most floor of your house from the soaring temperatures. The panel mounting structure may or may not require any roof penetration. When the roof chipping is done, a small layer of roof surface is removed with proper care only from the selected parts. The joints where RCC blocks join with the roof surface are properly covered with water proofing chemicals.

8. Need FOR a battery to store the electricity that solar system produces

Solar panels are generally connected to the electricity grid. There is no need of battery as such. At times when system produces excess energy, it is fed back to the grid. It is called net metering. You get this excess energy back in night or when your home uses more than what your system is producing. Battery is an option only where there is no grid supply. It also adds to the cost and requires maintenance.

9. Solar systems get damaged by hails/snow or blown away by fast winds

Solar panels are designed to be hail and snow resistant. Mounting system ensures that they don’t get rooted off by fast winds. Panel Mounting systems are made as per strict standards and are capable of holding the panels securely even in the wind speed of 150 – 200 km per hour.

10. Solar panels are plain & unattractive

The solar panels raise a home’s resale value, rather than lowering it, is an indication that most people view residential PV systems as a positive addition. Even so, solar manufacturers are addressing such concerns with cool modular styles that blend almost seamlessly with your rooftop.

Thus, Solar Power is a very reliable source of power. With solar power, it is possible to live off-the grid if you are in a rural area without any electricity. As power is one of the most critical components of infrastructure affecting economic growth and well-being of a nation so this is the right time for India to GO SOLAR.


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This is so right about solar energy. After visiting rural places I realised people in villages are more aware about solar equipment & products than us who live in cities. Due to the research in the solar field so many innovative and easy to use, affordable products are available which we can easily start using in our daily life. Good work Solarhippo team in bringing awareness

By: Lakshman Pahuja
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